Lounge Act

Hi my name is Ryan but that's hardly important. Here on this blog you will find my personality; I only post things that I like, such as music and books, pictures I find beautiful and things that say something about me. Enjoy.

""Talk to what? it’s a plot of grass with a rock on it," I said. "Just act as if Hillel is here listening and have that conversation," he said, and walked away. I was sitting there feeling really awkward about talking to no one. But then I said, "Yo, slim," which was the way I’d always greet Hillel. And it was like this wall came down in a second. I started weeping like I’d never wept before. From that point on, I was a waterfall of blabbering and blubbering and crying and coughing. I had this talk with Hillel and told him how much I loved him and how much I missed him. And then I made the him the promise. "I’m clean. I’m in this rehab. I promise you I’m not going to put a needle in my arm again. I’m going to stay clean." I cried all the way out of that cemetery." - Anthony Kiedis

Operation Ivy set up

Maximilián Pirner (1854-1924). Empedokles.